GARV Smart Sanitation Centres

Clean drinking water, hygienic toilet and bath facilities are luxuries for people at the bottom of the pyramid. By offering an integrated water, sanitation and hygiene solution, GARV is able to solve a major challenge which the urban poor face and thus have a profound impact on improving their lives. GARV Smart Sanitation Centres is a hub of smart GARV Toilets, Bath Facilities, Water ATMs, Laundry and a Business Kiosk that offers health and hygiene products and services.

Garv Toilets

We are Better

Our solutions are smart and superior to that of other sanitation solutions available in the market. Apart from ruling out vandalism, our solutions enable fast and easy installation, long lifespan and minimal operational expenses. In short, We are Better!

Garv Toilets

GARV addresses the primary issues of vandalism and Poor-upkeep associated with the proper functioning of public toilets. This is achieved through use of high-grade materials in the toilets and integrating software and sensor based innovation for monitoring and initiating maintenance.